4 thoughts on “London Fashion Week; PR & The Engagement strategies

  1. A great post on how a high-status event must be strategic with their digital strategy to meet the high expectations of their target audiences comes to content and engagement! You mentioned that user generated content is most effective at the moment, do you think social media techniques like this, is the key to keeping audiences loyal and captivated in PR practise?


    1. Hi, thanks for your commment it is always nice to hear from people! Yes I think that user generated content and social media techniques are very important in todays society, especially to keep people loyal and captivated. Digital is now moving at a very fast pace and seems to be taking over from traditional techniques; therefore as people are adapting to these digital changes, PR practice has no choice but to adapt with it too, to ensure their communications are effective. Do you agree?

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      1. Yes, I agree with your opinion on this topic. I think that those organisations who don’t adapt and modernise their strategy to suit the continuously evolving digital platforms, will become ineffective and business/communication objectives will not be met.


      2. I agree in the sense that organisations should always be looking to modernise their approach to engaging their audience. With the huge amount of clutter that the industry is now faced with, it’s important that organisations create interactive content and discussion to stand out from the noise.


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