Tomato, Spinach and Rocket Tortilla Pizza With a Crackin’ egg

I have recently finished my second year of uni and it feels gooooooood. To finish off the stressful semester, I have just returned from a fab weekend in London. Which was just amazing. Continue reading


Visual Storytelling – Best Practices

Visual Storytelling 

We are now living in a world of visually driven content, from the popular use of emojis to adverts on the television – we want to be interested by what we see rather than what we read, after all, seeing is believing. This has made the need for visual storytelling extremely important for organisations and their tactical media strategies. Continue reading

How Innocent Smoothies’ Digital Strategy Is The Best In The Business

A critique of an organisation’s digital engagement strategy

I for one am a great lover of Innocent drinks and I am sure pretty much every single person would agree with me when I say they are extremely digital media savvy. The well-known brand sells almost 3 million smoothies per week, they are also 90% owned by the famous brand ‘Coca-Cola’. I mean, if 3 million smoothies a week doesn’t shout successful drinks brand, I don’t know what does.

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Lettuce Leaf Burritos

I never really thought I liked burritos, I mean they never really did much for me. When at a Mexican why choose burrito when you can choose fajitas or enchiladas? (atleast that’s what i thought about 6 months ago). Continue reading

The New Digital Landscape; How Does PR adapt?

Almost 3.5 BILLION people use the internet now so it won’t come as a shock to you when I say that digital media is taking over in all aspects of society. Everything revolves around digital media; whether it be a website, social media, a blog, a vlog or even a multimedia message – a company will be using some media platform in their strategic framework. Digital media is everywhere, and no matter how much the older generation want to avoid it (that goes for you mum), they won’t be able to for long. Continue reading



Breakfast; toast. Lunch; sandwich; Snack; more toast. My love of bread needs to stop. From tiger bread to French stick to warburtons thick n toastie, I love them all. FAR too much. Which is why I have decided I need a bread intervention; and I know there are many other bread loving sufferers out there not knowing what to swap the unhealthy loaf with. So, here is a few brief ideas to lend a helping hand and guide you down a similar bread free route I have taken. Continue reading