Tomato, Spinach and Rocket Tortilla Pizza With a Crackin’ egg

I have recently finished my second year of uni and it feels gooooooood. To finish off the stressful semester, I have just returned from a fab weekend in London. Which was just amazing. Continue reading


Lettuce Leaf Burritos

I never really thought I liked burritos, I mean they never really did much for me. When at a Mexican why choose burrito when you can choose fajitas or enchiladas? (atleast that’s what i thought about 6 months ago). Continue reading

Spinach, Pesto & Caramelised Onion Courgetti

Courgettes and spinach are two of my favourite vegetables; they’re both quick to make and yummy to eat. When i’m at uni, I can become really lazy and like many (I hope)FullSizeRender (1) I go through phases where I find cooking just too much of a task and want my own personal chef – which usually turns into scrolling through ‘hungry house’ menu relentlessly until I find something bad for me!!

Courgetti can be made in 20 minutes, so now we have no excuse to be lazy! It’s a really quick way to fill yourself up. The following recipe feeds usually just one person, so if you were cooking for several I would double the ingredients. If you want to save money on the courgettes maybe just buy 3 large rather than 6 medium size! Up to you. Continue reading

Spinach and Sweet Potato Tortilla

So with my very first official blog post I am starting with one of my favourite dishes; spinach and sweet potato tortilla. Thank you BBC Good Food for introducing this dish to me. Continue reading