Breakfast; toast. Lunch; sandwich; Snack; more toast. My love of bread needs to stop. From tiger bread to French stick to warburtons thick n toastie, I love them all. FAR too much. Which is why I have decided I need a bread intervention; and I know there are many other bread loving sufferers out there not knowing what to swap the unhealthy loaf with. So, here is a few brief ideas to lend a helping hand and guide you down a similar bread free route I have taken. Continue reading


donuts. burgers. Donuts. Burgers. DONUT BURGER!?

Everything perfect on one plate.
Everything perfect on one plate.

Now, with my very first blog post I need you to find out a little bit about myself. I LOVE donuts and I LOVE burgers.

So when I stumbled across Reds True BBQ in Leeds, Headingly; I noticed not only do they serve burgers, they serve DONUT BURGERS. My two favourite things on one plate!

Once I had found Redz, it didn’t take me long to persuade my three friends to come test out the amazing donut burger creation with me.

The mighty burger consists of; two house-made 100% steak burgers flame grilled over hickory, melted double cheese, smoked peppered bacon, dirty sauce and deep fried crispy onions, all between two sweet glazed donuts. Served with a spicy bacon-wrapped jalapeño and skin-on fries.

Reds true BBQ also serve a whole range of other foods! So if you aren’t a huge burger or donut fan; they have something for everyone.

But from a true donut and burger lover to another.. this one may have been the best I have tried yet. Just make sure you experience it when you are hungry, it is HUGE!


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