Communication Campaigns

Simone on the Streets – Campaign Launch

Simon on the StreSOSLogoets is an organisation based in Leeds, who aim to outreach to those who are homeless. The organisation offers different services in the hope to improve the life of an individual living on the street by providing unconditional support, food and shelter.

International Women’s day this year (2016) was March 6th; and in inspiration of this day the whole of March was dedicated to homeless women on the streets of Leeds. For the month of March, the name ‘Simon’ was replaced with ‘Simone’ and a new campaign was created.

Simone on the streets is about raising awareness around women’s homelessness and an opportunity to educate on the very specific issues that women face that are exacerbated when they are homeless. IMG_1712.JPG

When the opportunity arose to help with this campaign launch, I immediately took an interest because if there is one thing I hate seeing in freezing cold Leeds, is homeless people struggling to find food and shelter.

The campaign launch was set in the Leeds City Square, near the Leeds train station. Here volunteers, including myself, held up signposts with different facts about Homeless women. Similarly, signs were attached to the statues surrounding the City Square.

The launch ran from 11:30-2:30, in the hope that the signs would coincide with the public out on their lunch break, and cause a reaction therefore creating awareness.

My main role of the day was to capture footage of the event; I ensured everyone was standing in the riIMG_1747ght place at the right time and shot additional footage of passers by who were taking the time to read the information provided by the signs. In addition to this role, I was in charge of putting live updates on social media and getting other individuals tweeting, Instagramming and Face-booking the event so more people knew what was going on during the event. Similarly, I was informing passers by of the campaign, and giving out leaflets on simon on the streets and to encourage traffic to the website, inside the leaflet there was access to their web page.

The campaign launch was a success, many people gathered in the Square and the team were able to speak to many different people and educate them on the Simone on the Streets; international women’s day on going campaign.

The ‘Global Communications’ Project

dugong 2The ‘GlobCom’ project is run by sixteen universities from sixteen different countries. From these sixteen different universities, students are split into eight or nine international groups to work together on the project. Each team gets the same PR brief and has to develop and present a real pitch to the company in which the brief is for.

This year (2016) I took part in the ‘GlobCom’ project; a  project based on the Du-gong and Sea grass conservation.The project gave Leeds Beckett PR students, the opportunity to learn how to run global accounts. There is a growing demand from global companies and agencies for professionals with international and intercultural PR experiences, therefore this project is valuable experience. As part of this project we formed multicultural teams for real international situations. As a team we followed a strategy similar to this example, to ensure we kept on top of communication, which target audience to focus on, a timeline of the event and reasearching how to analysis the business environment.

The main objectives of this project were;

  • To be able to collaborate in a multicultural team (16 countries)
  • To overcome any cultural barriers; language, time, cultures
  • To be able to act together as a virtual team
  • The ability to work as an agency solving a global PR issue
  • To recognise the strength of cultural diversity
  • Learn the implementation of global strategies
  • Persuade through the development of our presentation

What I feel I have gained from this experience:

  • It takes thorough communication to put on a campaign, this size, with 16 countries. Our group successfully communicated cross-culturally and ensured that when there were misunderstandings, these were fully clarified before continuing the project.
  • This project helped me improve the ways in which large tasks must be delegated
  • My knowledge of business areas such as PESTEL and SWOT has become increasingly more detailed and I would feel comfortable completing such a task for another agency if required to analyse the business environment of a campaign.

This project has been one of the best experiences I have had and I look forward to being part of the creation of a new campaign in the future.

Final GLOBCOM pitch – Here is the link to the presentation of our Glob Com pitch.