Corporate Writing

Corporate Blogging
A link to the blog I wrote for ‘Deep Impact Sports’ Can be seen here. Keith, the founder of DIS asked me to write a blog about how people can make themselves feel happy. My aim of this blog post was to encourage people to feel good about themselves and to humanise the brand by creating authenticity. I wanted to ensure my content was authentic, so followed researched how to write an authetic article or blog. The final out come of the blog shows the brand as a friendly, down to earth and happy brand, while containing real life ways to make yourself feel happy.

I ensured the content was interesting and followed direction given by DIS. The blog post coincides with similar blog posts created by the company, and to ensure consistency I wrote in the same informal, chatty style as previous posts.

In addition to this blog post, I was responsible for updating any changes made to website. This included posting blog posts written by the owner of DIS (providing consistency), helping to arrange the website layout and choosing which relevant content to include for consumers to view.

I ensured that all DIS social media was connected to the website to create easy access to the other media platforms.


Press Release
I was set a task by the Leeds based PR agency, Bonner and Hindley, to write a press release for the national coal mining museum and how they had been shortlisted for an award. This was my first press release and got really good feed back from the employees at the agency. To view the press release, please click here: bonner and hindley press release

Through my studies at university, I had an ideas of how to write a press release before being given this task. However, due to the growing digital landscape I did some research into what makes a good, modern press release before I began the task. I feel my press release fits in with the modern day press release because as it is, it could be published as a news article. From the press release, journalists have all the information they need to publish the story; this is helpful because today, all PR work needs to be created quickly and efficiently, and by cutting down time consuming editing is helping the journalist a great amount.

Similarly, I utilised social media platforms and hashtags within the press release to again bring it up to date with modern day digitalisation.