Professional Profile

Hi, again!me loooolllll

On a more professional note… Public Relations and Marketing are my professional interests; I’m a second year student at Leeds Beckett University studying BA Public Relations and Communications and I’m at that scary point of my degree where I am just about to start my year long placement! Very scary, but also very exciting!

I see myself as a very interesting, excitable and warm Public Relations under-graduate with wide ranging background in a variety of areas including office administration, PR/promotions and customer service.

I am a hard working, trusted, and outgoing individual who has proven ability to deliver objectives either individually or within a team scenario. I feel comfortable taking direction but I am also self motivated and reliable and can lead where required.

Since i was a young girl, i have always liked creating things. whether that was drawing, making games, or coming out with some wacky invention ideas (as all 5 year olds do). When i had to take the plunge into adult life and decide what I wanted to study at degree level, I thought long and hard about what i felt passionate about. I came across public relations and marketing, and I felt that my personality would be best suited to such a fun, energetic and creative job role.

Through work placements and work experience, I have been influenced by various tasks, people and insights. My PR skills and knowledge have increasingly grown and I can see a bright PR future ahead. Using this blog I aim to not only influence students, experienced PR practitioners and young aspiring professionals but to inform them on the developments on PR adaptations to the new digital landscape. Again, I will use this blog to critique, analyse and give my opinion on PR happenings (and food).

As digital media grows, the need for a strong online presence is becoming increasingly important, therefore I will grow my portfolio and showcase my ability, skills and personality through this blog.

I’m so excited for whats to come!


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