Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement – ‘Deep Impact Solutions’ & ‘Blonde Fury’

Whilst working for two companies, I was responsible for their social media. These included  platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The primary aim of the social media posts, was to create an online presence for the two companies. I was set the objective of increasing the following of the company’s social media platforms and to raise awareness for the products and services the two brands provide.

When working on the social media updates, I kept the posts regular and relevant. I also encouraged engagement, by asking questions and posting content in which the target consumer can relate to. For example, for ‘Deep Impact Sports Solutions’ I regularly tweeted about golf, football and rugby – all sports relevant to the products and services the company provides. I took a similar approach with ‘Blonde Fury’ and kept the posts relating to their product launch, in which my social media was aimed.  The aim of my approach was to best influence the target audience, motivating awareness and encouraging engagement.

For ‘Blonde Fury’ in particular, I initially posted about the company and the services provided. After a few weeks, when the opening event launch was coming together, I changed the way I posted, updating the running up to the launch. Similarly, on the day and night of the launch, I was in charge of posting pictures and tweets of exactly what was happening, so people who could not attend the event were still involved as much as possible. My aim with this approach was to gain the attention of the target audience, and make them feel as though the brand has not forgotten them, and that although they could not attend, the company wanted to share everything with them. Making them feel important. Evidence of the work on Blonde Fury Social Media Engagement can be seen here.

In regard to ‘Deep Impact Sports’, again I initially started with a formal approach with posts about the products and services. I then moved onto a friendlier, light-hearted approach posting about sports updates and humorous tweets about sporting events (usually golfers). My aim was to humanise the brand and encourage consumer-engagement by provoking replies and comments on the posts.
To ensure the tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram posts reached the people relevant to the company, I confirmed with the founder of the business and followed sports peoples’ accounts, sports news accounts and all relevant sport related accounts. To ensure I generated the desired actions of the company, I consistently made information accessible, by posting the website, contact details and updates on the products and services.