What Is It All About?

Hi everyone, I’m Laura.

I have a strong passion for food; usually the bad kind, however my aim for this me loooolllll
blog is to inspire others to eat healthily and exercise more, the w
ay i’m inspiring myself.

When we are at uni it is more than easy to eat unhealthily and become a very stereotypical ‘lazy student’, however I want to be the majority that beats that stereotype. so here is my tremendous effort of a journey to a healthier and fitter lifestyl

Now, I think I probably know mine better than anyone, and that’s the little pesky voice in my head; ‘start tomorrow’ she said, ‘it wont make a difference’ she said.

Can i just start by saying, you are not alone.. the voice haunts everyone, trust me!

I found when I started my health kick (shall we call it), that my main excuse was ‘I’ll start on Monday’ or ‘I don’t know what to do in the gym’ so was frightened to go (like many girls). I also used to follow almost every #fitspo model on instagram and wonder ‘what am i doing so wrong’ and why dont I have those rippling abs!!!?? (also like many girls).

Looking back, I was doing everything wrong! Being a student I was drinking wine too much, I was eating takeaways too much,AND I was genuinely just being lazy. Eating takeaways and drinking wine is ok, in small amounts as long as you move that butt of yours.

But through the use of my delicious recipes, fun exercises and a lil motivation.. you’ll be well on the way to those rippling abs. Just keep going.



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